Absolute Bollards

Peckham, South London - The nth in the series, this fallen soldier has clearly had a death struggle, rolling out of line.

Holland Park, West London - ..and we just walk right past it, as though everything’s fine.

Blackfriars, London - armies of ‘em

Walworth, South London - One less would be awesome.

Alajuela, Costa Rica - Bollard problems persist around the world, but at least some places know how to make them match.


Peckham, South London - Wouldn’t want the woman accidentally walking into the bin, now would we.

Shoreditch, East London - Apart from the ‘bike path’ being completely useless, this sign is ridiculous.

Camberwell, South London - My heart cries a little every time I pass this superfluous collection of metal. It could be so nice, trees in their beds.

Westminster, London - Man down!

Camberwell, South London - They sure did know how to make ‘em back in the 60s.¬†